Join Mother Cynthia on Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

May 10th, 2017 by Cynthia

Walk with other pilgrims in the footsteps of Jesus. We will have the unique Advent focus of preparing the way for Jesus coming into our lives as we journey through the lands where Jesus taught, healed, and confronted the authorities. We will visit the place of the annunciation of Mary, the shrine devoted to the place of Jesus’ birth, as well as all those places devoted to the significant events of Jesus life and ministry. However, the shrines are empty unless experienced in a context both ancient and modern. So we will meet with people of the land, we will share meals and worship with them. We will hear stories and explore the realities of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We will see the Wailing Wall, walk the way of the cross, and walk along the separation wall. For more information, click here: Holy Land 2017

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