In God’s Presence We Ask: “What should we do?”

October 6th, 2017 by Brett Gaspers

St. Hilda St. Patrick church mourns and calls out to God in the wake of the killings in Las Vegas.

It is shocking. People are pulled in all directions now. Do we act and organize and speak out?  Are we so weary of these things that we sit in silence not knowing what else to say or do that we citizens have not done before?  We are asked to follow Jesus, and to stick to the faith that God is on the side of those who suffer violence. Being with Jesus, as best we can, means we will not always be joyful or even content with the world as it is. Hope comes to us from beyond us and our wisdom and our abilities, necessary as they are.  Let us all be Christians, armed with the love God has for us in our weakness, who go with our fellow citizens in search of the way forward as communities and as a nation.

Father Mark Miller

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