Artist’s Guild

The Artist’s Guild oversees the Art and Faith program at St. Hilda St. Patrick. The Art and Faith program purpose is to support visual and literary arts as a spiritual activity for church members, to invite outside artists to exhibit in the church’s space, and to invite the public into the church building to view the exhibits. The church is part of a community, and our building is a valuable resource. Part of outreach is making the church approachable to our neighbors and helping them feel safe and comfortable coming into its walls and into our culture.

The benefits of an art program are many, to the church and to the volunteers. The art scene is full of fascinating and talented people. Putting on exhibitions develops skills. Most of all, presenting ourselves to our neighbors as not-just-a-church will bring new relationships.

The gallery is open during church events.

For information about upcoming shows, please check out our arts blog at:  St. Hilda and Patrick Arts Blog

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