December 24: Christmas Eve

This year, like this birth story we hear every year, has not been full of miracles. Nonetheless, God is at work. God works with miracles, and God works without them…From the day of the nativity, God has been at work in the human body, becoming human so that we might become divine. Jesus has come into the world, “the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all.”

December 20th: The Fourth Sunday of Advent

Advent grounds us in God’s cosmic reality, the reality in which we are puffs of wind or like grass that fades. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God to whom Moses, Isaiah, Samuel, and Mary say “Here I am Lord!” is eternal. The waiting of Advent is one of faithful hope, waiting to see God’s work in Jesus where the powerful are brought down from their thrones, and lowly are lifted up; where the hungry are filled with good things, and the rich are sent away empty.

December 13th: The Third Sunday of Advent

Rather than valleys in the wilderness being filled and mountains being leveled to create a road, John the Baptist’s work is preparing people for Jesus arrival, the arrival of the one who frees us all from the slavery of sin. “His baptizing and preaching in the desert was opening up the hearts of humans, leveling their pride, filling their emptiness, and thus preparing them for God’s intervention.” Preparing the way of the Lord for John the Baptist was not passive waiting. It was knowing that Jesus was coming, and stirring up God’s power for Jesus to come among us with great might.