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The sermons at St. Hilda St. Patrick are preached by lay and clergy ministers alike. Text, audio, and video availability vary from week to week. Click through below to read, watch, or listen to the latest sermons.

  • April 11: The Second Sunday of Easter
    Doubt is an ebb and flow with faith. Even in Thomas’ doubt, in our doubt, Jesus’ love doesn’t wax or wane. While our doubt and faith ebb and flow, Jesus’s love is constant for us.
  • April 4: Easter Sunday
    As daffodils break from the ground in bloom and shots break the skin of our arms, death has been defeated.
  • April 3: The Great Vigil of Easter
    “Death was angered when it met you in the pit.” It was angered because it was abolished. It was angered because it was mocked. It was angered because it was slain. It was angered because it was chained up. Death swallowed a body and choked on God.
  • April 3: Holy Saturday
    An extemporaneous reflection for Holy Saturday.
  • April 2: Good Friday
    Today on this Good Friday, when Jesus lets himself be betrayed handed over to sinners, and dies because of our sins, it is in the cross of Christ we glory.

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