Altar candle with blurred stained glass windows in background

St. Hilda-St. Patrick’s values and nurtures children. The worship service provides an opportunity for all of us to be involved in nurturing the spirituality of our children. Together, with the Holy Spirit present, we create a place where we are accepted, loved, valued, and needed.

St. Hilda St. Patrick’s embraces the Godly Play style of telling sacred stories from the Bible. We are enthusiastic about walking the journey together, building relationships with the children, and wondering about each story.

Everyone is welcome to experience Godly Play. There are no age restrictions. Here is an overview of what we do each Sunday morning:

  • We will begin in the education wing at 9:30am singing a couple of songs. Our greeter  welcomes everyone into the Story Room where the storyteller is waiting.
  • When everyone is settled, the Story Teller lights a candle and invites everyone into the Sacred Story. We have a story planned for every Sunday until Christmas with the exception of Thanksgiving weekend.
  • When the story ends a series of “I wonder…” statements invite responses to the story.
  • Finally the Story Teller says, “I wonder what work you will choose to do in response to this story?” Listeners may choose to draw, sculpt, write, act, make music, or engage in some other response. This is an intentionally open activity. There is no pre- determined skit, craft, or coloring sheets. Additionally, some may choose to stay in the story room and use the storytelling materials to explore the story more. There will be ample time for this work.
  • After sufficient time has passed, we will come together to share our work if so desired, enjoy a light snack, sing another song, extinguish the candle and leave our time together with a blessing as we join the liturgy in the sanctuary during the Peace.

Those who are willing may contribute their response work to the Offertory by processing to the Altar, following the collection plates, bread and wine, and display them on the area in front of the altar. The children are then invited to join Reverend Cynthia at the Altar during the Eucharistic prayers. The children return to their parents before receiving Holy Communion or a blessing. The response work can be retrieved after the service and taken home, or attached to the bulletin board to be visible to the community.

During services, a table is available in the Sanctuary with quiet activities–coloring, playdough, crafts–for those who prefer to stay with their parents, but need a little something to do.