St. Hilda St. Patrick is a neighborhood church and our church community includes many who live and work near here. We understand ourselves to be the hands, feet, heart and compassion of Jesus Christ for the world, and we are a place where everybody is somebody. Living our faith in our neighborhoods and the world around us is an important part of our faith.

As an Episcopal church, we are part of the Diocese of Olympia and the larger Episcopal Church USA, which is tied to the Church of England. Our worship is based on the Book of Common Prayer and we are a liturgical church, meaning our prayers and worship take a regular pattern from week to week. We are mightily inspired by the Holy Spirit and rejoice in God’s Love for all people and creation. We welcome all who want to learn about the faith of God, grow in their spirituality, and feed their soul with the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Latest News and Updates

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Services

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Please join us as we celebrate with joy and wonder the nativity of Our Lord. All are welcome at the manger and at our Lord’s table!

Christmas Eve 
5:00 p.m. Family service with Impromptu Pageant and Holy Eucharist
9:30 p.m. Carol singing
10:00 p.m. Choral Holy Eucharist

Christmas Day
9:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist

Dec. 10th Workshop: Having Gracious Conversations

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Saturday, Dec. 10th, 9:30-11:30, we will have a workshop on how to have gracious and truthful conversations. In this post-election time when the politics within our country, and possibly, our families have become a big deal; we can learn how to listen and speak honestly with gracious intent. As part of this workshop, we will identify our own values, learn how to understand differing values, and then how to bridge the divide. There will be an opportunity to practice as well! All are welcome, especially youth!