Holy Week at Home

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross Art by Amy Squire

Resources for observing Holy Week — especially The Three Days — at home.

Palm Sunday: The Sunday of the Passion is a hinge between remembering how Jesus lived by thinking about it, and remembering how Jesus died by re-enacting some of it, the way Christmas and Epiphany pageants are re-enactments. Even without physical re-enactments, the stories the church hears are focused on the last week of Jesus’ life during this week. Below are some resources for keeping Holy Week at home. For Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, read the passages individually or with your family.

Unless otherwise indicated, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday linked below are meant to take place in the evening, around the evening meal. Explore the linked PDF resources modified from the Book of Common Prayer by the Rev. Joseph Peters-Mathews, vicar of St. Hilda St. Patrick, and the Rev. Josephine Robertson, vicar of All Saints, Bellevue. Zoë-Clare Matsui copyedited and proofread the services.

Holy Monday

Holy Tuesday

Holy Wednesday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday — morning or afternoon (have a Prayer Book and Bible handy)

The Night Before Easter