Epiphany Project for Clothes for Kids

Spiritual Stitchers invites the congregation to join in our Epiphany Project. Knitcrochet, or shop for winter hats, scarves, and or gloves/mittens to be donated to Clothes for Kids which provides support for Snohomish Co. school children and their families. Clothes for Kids was very pleased to hear of our project and will be looking forward to our Epiphany gifting.

Through January 10 you may drop off your contributions to one of the boxes decorated in Christmas wrapping paper located either in the main entrance of the church or the Conference Room. If you are not attending in-building services and or if everyone may be online by January 10, Father Joseph invites folks to drop by especially on Mondays or Thursdays when he and Johna will be in the office. For those of you who have a new church key, you may drop by anytime. For those who do not have a church key, you might call before you come on a Monday or Thursday so Johna and Father Joseph will keep an eye out for you. For those who enjoy shopping, after-Christmas sales are great, especially for gloves! May our hands and hearts come together to share God’s grace.

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