Joseph Peters-Mathews

Neighbors in Need, Winter 2020

While our homeless and hungry neighbors are being provided with bags of staples, produce and bakery items each Saturday morning at Trinity Lutheran Lynnwood, now that the colder weather is upon us some of our neighbors are also struggling to keep warm and dry. Neighbors in Need is asking for some basic clothing necessities for …

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November 1st: All Saints’ Day

Choosing to be baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection — and to reaffirm that deed and those promises — is to choose to live the life of a peacemaker, one who knows God’s reign is close at hand. It’s to choose to hunger and thirst for what is right and to mourn our collective brokenness and to be comforted and filled because it doesn’t have to be this way. It is not this way.

October 11th: Proper 23, the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

In this passage about judgment Matthew emphasizes first and foremost that God’s gift of salvation is available to all. He also nudges us to remember that we should live lives worthy of our calling and of the gospel. Claiming to be a Christian isn’t going to be enough when it’s time for judgment if we’ve acted in ways that are antithetical to whatever is true, honorable, and just.

September 27th: Proper 21, the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

Jesus doesn’t need the last word, doesn’t need to be right. God’s love for humanity poured out in Jesus’ life and death, makes Jesus higher than the emperor. His amazing humility is how he is raised to have the name above all names. Jesus’ humility conquers death itself, opening to all of creation the newness of life. This Paul tells us today is the life we are called to live, a life worthy of the gospel he says elsewhere in the letter.