The Last Sunday after Pentecost

Over the last six to nine monthsI’ve come across some criticisms,some desire to throw outthe Creeds.To be fair,this has been long-simmering!It’s part of the reformation:there are confessional churcheswhose repository of beliefsis in various statements –confessions –their early adherents adopted.There are traditions,both conservative and liberal by today’s standards,whose forebears saw the Creedsas additions to the gospelor …

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All Saints Sunday

In her primer on feminist theologycalled “Esther, Ruth, and Rahab” –which is explicit,so be warned if you look it up –Christian drag queen Flamy Grantsings in the refrain“Castaways who outlasted and outplayedAn immigrant ancestor to the incarnate divineEveryone has a star that lights their wayWe see our paths by someone else’s shineEsther, Ruth, and Rahab, …

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The Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

“According to Lesser Feasts and Fasts,Francis, the son of a prosperous merchant of Assisi,was born in 1182.His early youthwas spent in harmless revelryand fruitless attemptsto win military glory.Various encounters with beggars and lepersPricked the young man’s conscience, however,and he decided to embrace a life devoted to Lady Poverty.” This is an embodiment, a reason that …

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