Lenten Book Study: The Cross and the Lynching Tree

As we continue our work of anti-racism and answering Jesus’ call “Follow me” we will be reading and discussing James Cone’s The Cross and the Lynching Tree, a pivotal work of Black Liberation Theology. This discussion will take place on Zoom. Feel free to join (using the same link) at either Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. or Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m. Both groups are open, so come and go as you need, having familiarized yourself with these group norms:

  • We will listen respectfully to one another even when we do not agree.
  • We will not interrupt each other
  • We will make comments using “I” statements instead of talking about the experiences of others.
  • We will not insult each other or put down the thoughts or feelings of our group members
  • We are coming into this conversation from a place of positivity, love for our community and faith that together we can make our world better.
  • We will not share the conversations that occur in this room with others outside of this group session.
  • If we hear a comment or story that was particularly meaningful we will thank the individual for their contribution and ask the individual’s permission to share the comment before doing so.

Join the call here.

The schedule for discussion is as follows:

  • February 24/25 — Introduction and Chapter 1
  • March 3/4 — Chapter 2
  • March 10/11 — Chapter 3
  • March 17/18 — Chapter 4
  • March 24/25 — Chapter 5
  • March 31-April 1 — Conclusion

Join the call here.

Discussion will be based on this discussion guide by Elon Cook, published by LeaderResources.

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