March 19: Weekly Prayers

Almighty God, we pray for Your Church and all who follow You. Today we especially pray for The  Anglican Church of Southern Africa; St. Paul’s, Seattle; and St. Peter’s, Seattle. Guide the leaders of  Your Church, especially our presiding Bishop Michael; our Bishop Provisional Melissa; and our priest  Joseph. Let all Christians be known by our love.

Holy Spirit, convict our nation to be honest about past mistakes. Let us bring about a future that  includes all people, stories, and voices to form a more just and equitable society. Weed out the  hypocrisy in our nation and in our own lives.

You are the God of both day and night. Bring light into the dark places of the world, and expose all evil  works. Help everyone in power to lead with integrity, wisdom, and compassion. Let peace on earth  begin with us. 

Christ Jesus, grant us and our communities eyes to see as You see, apart from appearance. In this  neighborhood, we ask that our building, land, sock box, and food pantry bless everyone who uses them. 

Lord, You are our shepherd. Protect everyone who suffers or is in any trouble, that they may fear no  evil. Today we especially remember Emilio; Ian; Barbara; Christine; Sue; Giles; Denice; Jim; Richard;  Eileen; Emily; Nathan and Crysta; Roy; Megan and her family; Sean; and those we now name, either  silently or aloud. 

As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, comfort us with Your Spirit. We pray for those  who have departed this earth, especially Bob; Ella; Ron; Nakota; Barbara; and those we now name,  either silently or aloud. 

Gracious God, we thank you for the joy in our lives. This week we pray for those celebrating birthdays  and anniversaries, including Jill; Stephen; and the people and celebrations we now name, either  silently or aloud. 


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