Lisa Harmon

May 26: Trinity Sunday

In the name ofthe Father and ofthe Son and ofthe Holy Spirit. Amen.If you’re hoping fora definitive, rational,post-Enlightenmentunderstanding of the Trinitytry again next year.Maybe I’ll read Katherine Sonderegger’s bookSystematic Theology, Volume 2:The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity:Processions and Personson my sabbatical.You’ve probably heard, rightly,that this is the only liturgical observanceof a doctrine —not a person

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May 12: The Seventh Sunday of Easter

Jesus prayed for his disciples.Situated toward the endof Jesus’ lengthy farewell speechJesus prayed for his disciples.He’s been at table with them.He’s washed their feet.Jesus knows he’s going to die,and they don’t quite believe it yet.He’s admonished themto abide in him,to stay in his love,the love the Father has given him.Jesus prayed for his disciples. Knowing

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