March 10: Weekly Prayers

O God, rich in mercy, out of your great love you have made us alive together with Christ. You have  made us a church family through the waters of baptism. Let us build each other up in love. We pray  for your church and all who serve you including Michael our Presiding Bishop; Melissa and Brian our  Bishops; and Joseph our vicar. We lift up all those who are preparing for baptism at the Easter Vigil,  especially Stephanie. Bless your servants everywhere, especially our own Episcopal Church in the  United States of America. In our diocese, we pray for the faith communities of Emmanuel, Eastsound;  and Christ Church, Blaine. We pray also for the congregation of All Saints Goshen. 

Jesus, lead us during this time as we remember your sacrifice and journey to Jerusalem. Make room in  our hearts, minds, and schedules as you call us back to the cross. Help us to turn away from darkness  to your light. Breathe life into our worship. 

Almighty God, you sent Jesus to save the world, to save us. We thank you for your presence, for giving  us hope despite adverse world, national, and local events. Motivate us to care for people in our  communities and to advocate for positive change. 

The works of your hands are faithfulness and justice. Bless those who lead and govern us with the  knowledge and will to do better. We ask you to quiet the voices of discord and self-interest. We ask  that you inspire our leaders to do good works.  

Lead us to honor your creation. Help us be faithful stewards and guide us in our efforts and  innovations to protect the earth. 

Holy Spirit, strengthen and protect us as we face our fears and challenges. Comfort us in our sickness  and suffering. Bless those who struggle with addiction and recovery. Be with those who have  requested prayer: Steve and Becky; Rosemary; Joseph, Brandon, and their family; Emilio; Ian; Barbara;  Christine; Sue; Giles; Denice; Jim; Richard; Suzanne; Karen; and those we now name, either silently or  aloud. 

Lord, we pray for those who have passed on before us. Take them into your love and comfort us as  we grieve their absence. We ask for your tender mercy and consolation for those who mourn. We ask  your blessing upon those we now name, either silently or aloud. 

We give you praise for the many celebrations of our lives. We thank you especially for the birthdays  and the anniversaries of Matt; Anne; and those we now name, either silently or aloud.


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