February 25: Weekly Prayers

God of eternity, shelter the faithful in your church, and set our minds on divine things. Bless Michael,  our presiding bishop; Melissa and Brian, our bishops; and Joseph, our vicar. We pray for the Province  of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, and for the faith communities of St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s, Seattle. We pray also for the congregation of All Saints Goshen. 

God of justice, confer peace of mind upon those of our nation’s leaders who seek to do right. Bless  those who examine their own ambitions and motives, and choose what is best for the people they are  sworn to serve. 

God of love, we thank you for this congregation, both longtime members and new visitors. Bless us as  we worship together, and let us grow in caring and concern for one another. Give strength to our  bishop’s committee, our staff, and all of our volunteers, as they make decisions about the future of  our community. 

God of creation, look upon the painful events we observe and suffer during our lives on earth.  Transform the anger of those with violence in their hearts, and protect their neighbors.

God of compassion, you hold us in your heart throughout our troubles. Bless those who struggle with  addiction and recovery, especially the groups that meet in our building. We pray for those who have  commended themselves to our prayers: Joseph, Brandon, and their family; Adele; Andrea; Marcus;  Izzy and his family; Kerry; Kathleen; Rhonda; JoAnn; Connie; Emilio; Ian; Barbara; Christine; Sue; Giles;  Denice; Jim; Richard; Suzanne; Karen; and those we now name, either silently or aloud.

God of glory, we ask your mercy upon those who have died. Open your arms to those who have  served you faithfully. Today we remember Gene; and those we now name, either silently or aloud.

God of joy, we thank you for those friends celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this week,  especially Chris; and those we now name, either silently or aloud. 


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